A downloadable Yokai Like for Windows and macOS

Yokai Crawl is an accessible roguelike based on Japanese mythology. 

Currently is just one open procedural generated map filled with yokais to kill, and only one hero, but multiple ways to level up and adapt each run.


Darkness has invaded the land. 

Slowly but steady has reached every corner of our country.

Demons walk everywhere free.

It’s time for the Hero of Yamato to stand up and cleanse the Darkness.

Find the key to the demons portal and slay the source of all evil.

How To Play

Move Yamatos hero and fight Yokais to level up and improve you character. Every new level will give a new improvement to allow you to defeat bigger enemies. Find the key to the demons portal, invoke the portal guardian and defeate to remove the darkness from Yamato.



  • Select: Press Enter
  • Move and Attack: Use arrows
  • Show In Game Menu: Press Esc
  • Wait one turn: Press Space

Gamepad - XBox/PS4

  • Select: A/X
  • Move and attack: DPad or Left Stick
  • Show In Game Menu: =/Options
  • Wait one turn: RB/R1 

Who did this?

Miguel Ángel Linares Herreros - Programming (@MALHCat)

Santiago Orozco - Art (@Santiagu)

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Install instructions

Unzip and Execute YokaiCrawl


YokaiCrawl.zip 40 MB
YokaiCrawlMac.zip 42 MB

Development log

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